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Hello MNS family!

another week went by, the tops are forming and building some mass. the fastest pheno has my prefer so far, best stemrub right now and it will have a resonable flowering time. i suspect there will be at least one 14weeker in the bunch and that will be to long for my liking. Will be intresting to explore the recent MM x Afg.Hz auction win there is alot of my favourite genetics mixed up in that cross. And if a few testers give hints that its fire to my liking i will try to inbreed it a few times.



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I've been using mirror reflective mylar window film for decades.
It's relatively cheap and reflects very well, I do not remove the backing and just tape it to the walls.
Easy to clean, just wipe with damp rag.
You can always tell my grows because you can always see the stuff and not a single person I know (other than myself) uses it.
Dunno why that, I've not kept it a secret.


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Hi folks! :cool:

yeah those mirrors work really well i think, only downfall i`ve noticed is its making it hard to shoot pictures and not get things showing in the reflections that you dont want to be on it. ive been thinking about a black curtain or cardboard to place in front off the mirrors being able to get(better) pictures. Hope i can pass on some of this crop for donation for a new camera like Mu has, it would be nice to have a decent setup with macro lens for those trich pics! For now the iphony pics have to do😃

Some tops starting hanging by their weight, pretty early on i think but i supported those that were in need of it. Most of them showing Viney plant structure that cant hold their own weight that well. Shorter veg time will solve this for me, (note#7) stemrubs evolving but still havent found any typical Haze smell, keeping my fingers crossed someday i run into one of those.. been searching for these quite a while now and went trough 7 straws LaNina, 4 straws SSH, 1 straw AngelHeart, 1 straw SuperSilverWidow, 1 straw MangoHaze, in all straws ive seen amazing plants and some real fire and keepers in every pack but none hazey smelling tasting ones thus far. Maybe this round, there is one that has a leather like smell goin on and ive read about those terps being mentioned by other growers.

heres some of today,


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Good day MNS family!

9th week of flowering. The strain describtion says flowering period: 10 weeks from the onset of flowering. Looks like it will be acurate for atleast one of them. The slower budding one`s do remind me of some Mango Haze`s..


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Hello MNS fam!

here they are at the start of the 11th week of visible flowering. I`m having a hard time keeping these ladys happy.. very picky when it comes to feeding i`m keep lowering the ec and they keep burning their leave tips. And also they hate to much light.. about 650-700umol/s/m2 is the max they will handle. above that they seem to give very airy bud and wild heat stressed grow shoots. So i dimmed the light down to acceptable output for the girls and happily they responded well to it.

Im gonna give them a couple more days till a week and then i start flushing them. Looking at trichomes, one plant will be ready within a week, the other two gonna need that extra week or two. Going to give these a long cure, it reminds me of a la nina that became very blunt in stemrub at the end of flowering and after 4 month in a botle it came back to a very fine tasting girl! Seems like the most sat dom leaning plant needs the longest curing/

heres some pictures (nothing comparing to mu`s quality pics, but these will give an idea how they are looking today :D


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Pretty nice buds :)

Wonder what the smells are, more like afghan? or more like citrus or another ?