Advice for growing "Devil" indoors?



I'm currently growing this strain indoors. (I have 12 seedlings in veg)

I understand that this strain performs exceptionally well outdoors.

Any tips on how INDOOR performance can be improved? What exactly does this plant get outdoors which makes it thrive so? Perhaps add UV lighting? Or is humidity more of a factor?

Also... Its been said that this strain, while it can be potent, does not really have the "couchlock" type stone which many Afghans have. Does this hold true even if one harvests at, say, 50%+ amber trichs?

Thanks in advance.


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Devil is a very straight forward plant to grow and responds well to being topped/fimmed, makes it like a bush :)
It destroyed every other plant I've grown yield wise!
The potency was moderate, nothing alarming so it's good daytime smoke, maybe that's just the pheno I got (I only grew 1 female),
The smell was like floral fruit mixed with "skunky afghani"
Maybe not exceptional but I don't have a bad word to say about it really!


True dat, so far I haven't really heard any significant complaints about this plant. Seems like a reliable & hardy strain. But obviously she does better outdoors by a significant margin (compared to other strains), and I'd like to be able to close the gap indoors and really dial in this grow.

Its also nice to hear she gave you a great yield, as this plant is known as more of an average yielder. I have 12 seedlings so I expect to have several females to select from. From what I hear this strain doesn't put out many bad plants, so selecting the final keeper may be a challenge for me! But it will be totally enjoyable to sample all that Afghan smoke soon to pack my jars!
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