Abraxas hawaiian haze

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Best 2 yields i pulled recently from 2 grows
First one had 16 AG13 Hazes under 4 x GAVITA 600W/400V PRO'S and yielded 5,2K, so about 1,96gr/w and at a 1,5x1,5x2,3m tent growing 4 Bandaid7 plants under a 600W/400V Lumatek, these 4 B7's yielded 1260gr, making 1,91gr/W.
Basic setup, sufficient air supply, outdoor environment was ideal making all other crucial variables balanced throughout both runs.
Normal runs mostly between 0.9 to 1.6gr/W
Never seen anyone yielding over 3gr/W IME.
Talk about setting the bar, i rather have a bit less but superb gear then the overboosted gear on whatever boosters including adding CO2. Then again, i'm pretty old skool so that's prolly the reason i aint scoring such yields.
I think the gram per watt is kind of misleading metric because power isn't the only limiting factor area should be counted as well for a better picture of if your maxing your room out. For example
The reason your grows are such amazing high weight compared how much light u guys use. You account for spacing with in depth knowledge of maximum canopy density. You have to be able to refresh the air around each bud at certain rate to keep gas exchange going and air nitrogen away. If you put more plants in may even decrease your overall yield. 2. From growing my limited time w a nevil progeny is the further away the light is the better they grow. Especially haze c progeny. I feel like a wants to be constantly moist but never soaked or dry while c wants to go from 90 percent down to 60 up and down. C wants light much further away sometimes lowest buds may be dense or shiny. Now in this case seems like the plants just need light and they grow to a constant size by harvest. Like an on off switch yes I'm happy no I'm not. Whereas bld bud more like a dimmer switch more light more size more kief. I think you run your 600s around 3 feet up at first? Guarentee most people have a de 1000 two feet away. So your pulling off a 6 more then that 1000 de. Guess what I'm saying is genetics obviously matter alot. But their just a prerequisite. Knowing exactly what they want and need to give u desired outcome. I'm sure you know for each week each day how much n p k each cut wants the humidity day night temp. Not only that but you know what to look for, how she shines the brightest so there's always a baseline in head to compare. I can't imagine anyone in world gets kinda roi you do. Talking quality best weed out AND highest weight in the buds. Anyone who wants to be serious and love these nevil ladies doesn't need to look anywhere else. Good shit for holding these ladies down it's an international service. Often think about if nevil gave up after first haze female. All the ladies never would have existed
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