36 Critical Skunk (2pack) medical grow.


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I got my 2 packs of regular Critical Skunk the other day.

Cleaned out a plug starting tray, sterilized it, and place a seed on top of a mix I run (2 Part Canna Coco, 1 Part General Organics Alaskan Humus). I will be using Floranova bloom 5-8ML per Gallon (RO Water that comes out the tap at 6.2 PH) in veg and 10ML/Gallon in Flower.

I "Top Sow" the seeds instead of paper towel/shot glass method; I strongly feel if you be sterile and clean the best way to germinate is using this method.

Essentially you just water the coco in each plug tray (My tray has like 50 plugs or something) and then just put the seed on top of the coco. Don't cover it.

Then maybe spray with a bottle a couple times over the seed as long as you don't over water. The dome then goes on and you work on getting temps to 78F (24c?) and RH to 95%.

I use a seed starting warming mat under the dome as it is really cold in my house this time of year and the seeds like to be kinda warm. Cold temps mean longer germination rates.

I also use a hygrometer. It's okay to keep the dome shut but if it's not clean you can rot your seeds and they will mold up too; with gray moldy hairs looking on them. So I do remove the dome and exchange air until I get 95% with the dome on and shut.

I got half the seeds to pop in 30 hours.

I'll keep this thread updated, I have to sex all these seeds and flower the clones to see which ones I am going to keep.
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CS is an awesome variety, you will find some gems in there for sure. As far as yield and quality go it has few peers.
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