2015 June G13 skunk


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This is one of my most favorite mr nice strains ive grown as far back as the 1980's good job you wont be disapointed with this one ill tell you that right now it's one of the most robust and dependable strains in the collecton


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Sativa Pheno G13 Skunk

Sativa pheno, by all appearances she is behind, maybe next week, she too has one sister that is in a similar condition with berry's as green as green apples but that is next.

Sativa is the tallest, her trichome are a bit different, she is almost covered in a glaze rather than trichomes hard to explain hopeful pixs will help. Her high is high, sativia-ish with G13 mixed in very good.

IMG_5379 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5417 by A h, on Flickr

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Busy! G13 Skunk Seed harvest.

Busy, G 13 Skunk seed havest 2015.

Total Five females of, One Paradise seeds "Wappa" and Four Mr Nice Seed "G13 Skunk."

Did not count use your best guess.

here is a quick round up.

Wappa produced the least amount of seed.

"Nanner and Curly girls": produce allot of blanks seed, seeds do not have even unform seed pattern at this observation point. Both produced allot total.

"Sativa Girl"very surprising finish, Fast rapid, with uniform even seed pattern, about 60 to 70 percent finish at the same time.

"Late Girl" is late still to this date has a few green apples, she is more indica looking too.

IMG_5425 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5426 by A h, on Flickr


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Next G13 Skunk

Next G13 Skunk, Tent is decontaminated, pollen deactivated, and now four clone twins in the tent, Sativa twins and Curly twins, the fifth (unknown) will be added at a later date.

This run is for smoke, kief, and leaf. :)
A mother plant in the center for contrast. ;)
Plants are in 3 gal pots or something similar (equivalent)

IMG_5496 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5459 by A h, on Flickr


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rap up, follow up.

Semi rap up (follow up).

4 hang dry, Sativa girl is still in her pot just have not taken her down.

G13 Skunk 5 days hang dry, I can probable jar them today but I will let them go a few more days as tradition goes, Wow even at five days old it is a difference in product. It's going to be Potent. :eek:
I would caution causal and new users "a little goes a long way. Seasoned fellows sit back turn the music up and enjoy."
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IMG_5508 by A h, on Flickr

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You know i respect for the grow report I think you need a mentor to fine tune your methods. not to down you but they look sickly ( the first pic's) now these last pic's seems like your on a better track for success. Maybe because of the seeds the buds didnt form enough next time wait to pollenate until you have good bud formation the seed doesnt take that long to develop and mature so you have plenty of time for pollen. Dont take me the wrong way im just trying to point you in a better direction this way you still get a decent yield with the blessing of some good seed
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