2015 June G13 skunk


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Thanks guys for stepping in, I learn allot reading grow logs here, and I particularly like the threats about history of strains.

I have a question, and I do not know the answer, is the G13 side of the strain a pure strain Afghani or poly mix of afghani indica's? Just wondering.

Thanks letting me share, I waited months for these moments. Love every moment btw.

More to come.:)


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G13 Skunk Nanner (herme) Girl

Here is my G13 Sk girl who herme'd the Nanner. To this date only one, I am on watch regularly. This is week 7/8 of flower and I have decided it is time to removing the rest of the fan leaves on her and her sisters. The reason more even ripping of the fruit/seeds. The follow pictures are just proir to

Her resin odor, think of the sweetest citrus smell you can smell on the lemon side, then add faint hint of mints mixed then mix them together... You got it.:)

PS She is a bud packer too just like her sister.

IMG_0302 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_0312 by A h, on Flickr
Her top fruit

IMG_0297 by A h, on Flickr
Jungle Cat Strips

IMG_0305 by A h, on Flickr


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Three trimmed, last two in the background.
Paradise Wappa in the middle. She is in a league by herself, her effects body waves wow, warning not for newbies. And that was just sugar leaf.
BTW she is polliated with male G13 Skunk do to circumstance of her location, she was in the tent.

IMG_0330 by A h, on Flickr
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looking frosty and thick all that i have grown where run away trains in size, didnt have any at all that where like what you have here. I have mostly all sativa looking when they where around and the high was ok to speak of but i will try then again one day when i can.


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Update G13 Skunk, resin ooze?, seeds, calyx

Update G13 skunk,
So two of G13 skunk are looking close I am hoping this week, both are the indica phenos, I've got a little amber hues beginning, about 20 % of the seeds are jungle cat stripped, some of the calyx walls are beginning to peel away from the seeds and I will have to watch for seeds falling out. Also I discovered what looks to be so sort of resin oozing, it is only on the two plants closed to finishing, my theory is it is coming from where I cut off the fan leafs from, not sure if it is potent or not, it is only in a couple spots.

I have to say what I am seeing and saying is ridiculously insane but true. Please tell me I am hallucinating. Anyway it looks like resin ooze.:eek:

IMG_0339 by A h, on Flickr
possbile resin ooze.

IMG_0339 by A h, on Flickr
possible resin ooze.

IMG_0344 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_0351 by A h, on Flickr


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Resin Smear.

So it turns out to be resin smear from making contact with other objects such as, pruning shears, trim or what ever still it a pretty good resin smear. :eek:


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Week 8/9 G13 skunk

Two possible this week finishing, I estimate 20% with cat strips that is a generous estimate, the other three girls majority of the seeds are green could be a week OR more maybe ten days. The skunk pheno may even take longer she is hard one for me to read she does not have the resin production like her sisters but I sampled her and she packs a punch, I'm not sure which one I like better I need to sample more I think. :D

So make seeds is new territory for me and I might as well be looking up into space at a super nova, so my excitement takes over sometimes so I apologies for any over estimation or hallucination I may have here on this form. :D


first two show G13 Sk male in the tent during pollination period. The rest are more resent and the show the aggressive manicuring I am doing to provide more exposure to light for my seed crop. I think it is working, I sure enjoy the sugar leaf while doing it.:)

IMG_5135 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5134 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5165 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5161 by A h, on Flickr
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60 day old G13 Skunk Sugar leaf recipe

My sugar leaf receipt for G13 Skunk trim is, freshly pick sugar leaf spread over a cookie sheet heated to 210 F for 13 minutes. With minimal movement (disturbance) Kept whole until smoked. Also makes a far amount kief when shred. Very Good.:)


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60 day G13 Skunk potence

BTW the G13 Skunk potence well it does not have the ability to beam on boards ships yet, but the other night I used it as a sleep aid and I had a dream that I was dreaming I was laughing in my dream so at least third dimensional capable. :)

The answer is yes it is potent.;)


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Waiting, eye candy

Just wait. Need more room.

P.S. One of my girls smells like Spearment I think it is Curly Girl.

IMG_5213 by A h, on Flickr
The unknown 5th G13 Skunk's clone.

IMG_5203 by A h, on Flickr
Mega cloners G13 Skunk "Curly" and "Curly2"

IMG_5217 by A h, on Flickr
Veg/clone tent not quit bursting at the seams, I think I can get a couple more weeks out her.:p

IMG_5214 by A h, on Flickr
Three Medicine Man

IMG_5177 by A h, on Flickr
Nanner Girl

IMG_5184 by A h, on Flickr
Nanner Girl

IMG_5173 by A h, on Flickr
Very taste sugar leaf.


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I wanted to mention she is gooey, so like after triming your fingers are cover with adhesive like gooe and what ever you touch sticks to you. pitch, resin, sap.


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A word of Thank You

Everything up to this point has been nothing less than spectacular easy to follow and I want to say;
Bravo and Thank You Shanti and Nevil.

My Respects, Arctichigh


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If I 2nd cloned all my #1 plants i think I might be able to cut 3 to 6 clones off each plant and still remain with health growth. I have seven primas (female #2) first clones. Estimate than maybe 21 to 36 2nd clone potential right now.
It dose not aways work that way I know but best guess. Yes?
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Sounds like a great grow congrats. You keeping the scissor hash. Got a big chunk drying now.
Good luck with the medman. If its anything like the white rhino I had will be great for sleep and nothing else. Hehe


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G13 Skunk Ready or not two coming down

Ready or not two coming down, Nanner and Curly.

Hi smoke scissor hash is great, I usually scarp it off with a razor blade and add it to my smoke of the day.
Medicine man (girl), I can't wait to see how she presents herself. :)

Seeds are about 35% to 45% fully cat stripped, some are almost Black. I do not know what that means other than they're ready. yes? :)


IMG_5177 by A h, on Flickr
Nanner girl: primas excellent.

IMG_5243 by A h, on Flickr
G13 Skunk Seed.

IMG_5227 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5250 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5260 by A h, on Flickr
Curly Girl: Primas fine,

IMG_5255 by A h, on Flickr
Curly girl top bud.


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Paradise Seeds Wappa

Paradise Seeds Wappa :)

Seeds are a cross G13 Skunk Male with Wappa Female.

BTW it is Dank too. IMHO :p

Both G13 Skunk and Wappa should come with a warning something like this:

"Warning you're going to F___ing enjoy this so sit back take a few deep breaths allow yourself a few hours to forget yesterday, today and possible the now." :)

IMG_5336 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5338 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5340 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5346 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5352 by A h, on Flickr


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Payback G13 Skunk

If I where a business this would be paykback (seed) plus profit (smoke).

BTW this is Mr Nice Genetics, I just happen to have the opportunity to grow them and to witness (Super Novas). :)

Thank You Shanti and Nevil


IMG_5373 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5371 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5378 by A h, on Flickr

IMG_5376 by A h, on Flickr


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BTW I did not chop the whole plant, I am cherry picking seeds (picking only ripe) at the moment,

So I changing my "mod of operandi"
As long as it takes to finish. I started it. I going to finish it all the way to the end, no short cuts, no dead lines. :)

It means I am going to have more seed than I can grow at one time and

I need to find more space to grow. :p
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