2015 June G13 skunk


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Hi group I have a new grow log G13 skunk and three femizied seeds, they are Dinafem (Original Amnesia) Auto, Dinafem Super Silver and Paradise seeds Wappa

seeds starts: paper wet paper towel to rock wool cube method.
will be placed into 3l super root airpots until flower.
lights combo of t5 6500k and leds, the led lights any combo of kessil 150 and a *new* kessil 380 veg/flower unit and black star 135 watt leds and what ever else i can throw into the mix.:eek:
soil-less coco coir, hydroton clay pellets, course perlite.

GH maxi grow and bloom dry
GO Cal mag+
GO floralicious plus
compost tea
pictures later I am having an issue with upload, I can't seem to up load at this time.
Seedlings are about 12 days old and ready to be placed into air pots pics coming soon.



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way in to up load pictures

Still trying to find the way in for up load, i get error message when attempting to upload to album, here it is please interpret.

"Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 40000 bytes) in /home/mrnicescott/public_html/photos/image-inc.php on line 116"

I am following the thread about upload issue in:
but have yet to find solution that works:confused:

I'll keep trying


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It looks like the php script is trying to use beyond the allocated ram available. This is a tweak that only the webmaster can do.

In the meantime, try uploading smaller images (down size offline) or less images.

Good luck


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update G13 skunk grow log

Seedling transferred to 3 L airpots everything is looking good, i will know in a few days what kind of transplant shock I will have.

P.S. Still not able to upload pictures.:(


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G13 skunk

Hi all, just a quick observation with G13 Skunk, I transplanted at about 12 days old while doing so I noticed G13 skunk had very well developed root system most had roots about the same length as there was height growth above ground, 1 to 1, root to plant height, only Dinafem's "Original Amenisa" had roots that well developed the other two feminized seeds were behind, their roots just barely emerging from the rockwool cube.

Again still unable to upload pictures from attachments.:(

P.S. I use a Linux hybrid system, pc Linux os this is a spin off from Mandriva, and firefox web browser if that helps.
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G13 skunk update

Also every G13 skunk seed germinated ( seed cracked and tail was showing) within two days of adding water, nine seeds and now nine seedlings. 100% germination and survival. :)

P.S. I hope I get 50/50 male/female ratio I will know in about 5 weeks or so.

pps also I like my new t5 6500 lights, light is evenly distributed and heat is low. :)
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G13Sk Update week 1 veg

Update G13Sk week 1 veg postdate (completed), everything is a go ahead, gave two dose's of compost tea, later this week I will begin to push EC to 700-900, and will shoot for Ph of 6.3 (+- 0.1) .

For this grow I am going to raise and keep my Ph's into the 6.1 to 6.5 range and keep EC's in the 1200 to 1600 for max range. I'm going to see what happens. :eek:
GH maxi series
GO Floralicious plus
GO Cal Mag+
Coco Coir, hydroton pellets, Perlite course grain
compost tea (made by local grow shop)
Epsom salt (as needed)
neem oil (as needed)

P.S. I still can not upload, I'll keep trying.


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supplyment lighting, ventailation, lumens

1-sun system 4 tube unit= 2' (61 CM) T5 6500k spectralux 4 tubes high output HP
1- sun blaze 24= 4 tube unit, 2' (61CM) with 4 T5 6500k florescence HP

edit: total (8000x 2 units) 16000 lumens veg stage.
additional tent is 32" by 32" (81 cm by 81cm) floor space.
total flower lumens to be determined LATER.
Will add kessil 150 magenta and red, Then 380 kessil bloom/flower unit in addition (more together). not sure on lumens yet.

6-140 CM antec computer fans attached to 3-coolerguys molex connector power adapters inside and outside tent, will add 2-6" hurricanne clip fan later, very low frequence noise. :)
1-4" hydrofarm vent fan with variable speed adpater,
4" carbonfilter with Australia carbon.


ciao Ah
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Update G13sk transplant shock, size

Update G13sk, I transplanted at about day 12 first true fan leaves showing, 4-5 show some sign of shock on leaves, so maybe lost a week of growth or one week delay, not sure really if there is a good point to shock your plants but come to expected it, :rolleyes:

Ive got one girl feminized (Dinafem Super Silver) that is not thriving, she is considerable smaller than the rest almost a bonsia plant really.

Anyway I will still call it week 2-3 of veg, I am probable 4-5 weeks out for sexing just by appearance, lets see how fast I can blow my plants up. :)



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I found a way in for adding pics

:confused: I found a way in for adding pic do not ask me: why, how, what, or wt#*! but it is working here.


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G13 Skunk

Picture is two days before transplant into 3 liter Airpots, start in rockwool cubes laying on bed of coco coir
roots where interlaced in coco coir bed some reaching to the next plant.

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