2010 - G13 x Haze


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looks still early ..yes

there are some scary looking frosty ones there..let em go long..
they/you are on a roll

Joe King Park

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Old Ballasts

Thanks Nor1 :)
As I'm Only Using A 600 With New Bulb I'm Wondering Wether My Ballast May Be Tired. Its A Old School Century Ballast Thats 4 Years Old.
It Hums And Occasionaly Makes A Buzzing Noise For 5-10 Seconds ??
Not Much Longer For Indoor Plants And Have Total Of 6 G13xHz For Outdoors.
I'll Decide On A Mother After I've Tried It;)
Its May And Nothing On Deck !, I Must Be Getting Old ( And Seedless )


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late for the show

jktothep said:
P.S jonjojoando; Two Brains Are Better Than One, So Maybe We Can Pick Each Others Brains From Time To Time ?. I'd Like That
heyall,, hey jkp. forgive my tardiness, mate.. believe me,, when i read that, i ran straight to the garden and took a fresh pic just for u.
-i'd love to compare notes! haven't been on the boards much,, but i'll make the effort to check in here time to time...

okay, so i only have 2 girls running at the moment because my garden is full of different varieties...

both pics are the same girl. 1st is just past 4weeks bloom. 2nd pic (taken 15min ago) is just past 5weeks-


also, jk,, my understanding is that all of shanti's g13crosses are IBL.... seeds are not f1,,, so neither are these f2s.... that's why i ended up giving them a go. not that f2s can't b good,, but us indoor refugees simply don't have the luxury of space, eh?

lovelove, JKP! jj
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Hi Jo Jo

I'm Taking Some Time Off The Boards But Still Have Time ;). By Putting In A Friendship Request Will Allow You To Send Me PM's
My G13xHz Are Still Putting On Weight And The Outdoor Ones Are Doing Fine
As Is The Clone I Took.
Got Plenty Of Time On My Hands Now Waiting For Mr Sunshine To Arrive
Talk Later

Joe King Park

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Fresh Images G13xHaze-Jan31-May16-12-12 from seed

Oops, I Forgot To Add Images . Bending To And Fro. My Current Duo Won't Give Me A Big Yield And I Think Adding PK13/14 May Have Fried Them.
Outdoor Plots/Buckets Ready And G13xHaze Has Gone Outside. Little Clone , Who Knows Right Now As I Need To Get Rid Of Thrips That Seemed To Have Come With The Growtent:eek:
Anyways I Want To Grow Shit And Ortega Next;)
Go Back To My Roots ( With Rootbastic.nl This Time ):cool:


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hey Joe..

i think your settings need to be changed as i couldn't find the friendship request button on your profile.. or you can send me one, as that would likely be easier for you..

cheers, and speak soon!!!


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feelin the love

hi guys bit late but i just got some beans from the auctions (g13 haze) limited edition, are they the same or have they been reworked?

and we need more threads like this all the love n stuff going round, last few years been bad every1 bitchin n stuff 14 pages and all best buds still u guys need a medal !!!!