2 Clones: GG 4 & Pac 10

Hello Mr. Nice family.

First of all, I would rather be growing Shanti's genetics. Instead, I picked up two clones.

The Gorilla Glue #4 and the Pac 10 (Pakistani Chitral).

I can go ahead and tell you they don't have a deep funk smell when the stem is rubbed like some plants. This isn't everything at such early stages but it is something. I've had a male or two that just scream yaas even at this stage of growth.

The source is legit, they know what good pottery is. Some decent ganja coming from these folks no doubt, by international standards.

Not sure when I got them but you can tell from the pics when I planted them based on the old vs new growth. This morning I pinched off some new growth shoots from the bottom of the plant to encourage growth on the top shoots. Other than that I've just let them do their thing.

I started them in 2 gallon fabric pots. Will be putting them in 30 gallon fabric containers soon. I'll be using the Canna Bio Line of nutrients. I got the canna vega and planned on feeding them for the first time tomorrow but based on the weight of their containers I'll probably wait until day after tomorrow. They still have some moisture to them despite the warm dry air and relatively full sun. The soil is Fox Farm - Ocean Forest.

I need to get quite a few items to continue the grow but will update as things change.

Sorry, the files are too large to upload so will have resize. I totally forgot about that. Gonna go ahead and post and work on resizing.
I fed them once in the 2 gallon containers just to see how they would respond. They loved it, I did the recommended dose of Canna's Bio Vega. I used to under feed but I've learned to just do the recommended dose. They liked it.

I put them in 30 gallon fabric containers a couple days ago. It's been a while since I transplanted so I messed up and forgot to cut the container on the first one. I dropped the Pac 10 on the ground, that's why it's so bent over. It has a little break in the stem.3_20210612_182338.jpg3_20210612_182229.jpg


The Pac10 has much more prolific growth and internodal spacing. Around an inch apart in height difference between the two. I accidentally dropped the Pac10 a couple times. Once during repotting and once during travel because of inclemate weather. The Pac10 is bent over but is still outpacing the GG in the amount of 'preflowers.'

To put it in perspective, neither are nearly as vigorous as MNS genetics.
The Gorilla Glue is a bit taller but the Pakistani is flowering much more at this time. I will have to harvest both early October but the Pac 10 may not need that long. I've never grow either strain especially not out door.

The Pac 10 seems to be excelling. The GG 4 is taller but less filled in and not preflowering as much.

I know Mr Nice (Shanti's) genetics would be so far out performing these it's not even a comparison. Bless Shanti family 🙏🙏🌿🌟🔥🔥👑👑
I'm still using the canna bio line of nutrients. Got the Bio Flores but not the PK yet. Will fi is with the Flores and PK- 13/14 and flush with water and black strap molasses towards the end.

Been steady on the neem treatment but as they mature I'll have to let that go.