15/18 germd may 1st... Cali outdoor 38th parallel

Billy Boy

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interesting post!!!
good luck with these... A Quality strain... will be nice to see in the cali sunshine....


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will be interested in seeing these. I too have Critical Haze that will going outside cali sun 37lat. I think we have seen the last of the rain. 92 today. i got 24 seeds in my pack. pop 1/2 of them .how old r urs ? any pics? I started on may19 th.


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I am getting an I/O error when uploading pics. will try again next week. transferred plants into 15 gal smart pots from 1 gal on july 6th. ladies are about 30inches a piece as of july 13th. i believe lateral growth was restricted due to container size but i don't want these ladies getting too big as i have other plants in the garden. 8/15 female of the 15/18 that germd. organic coco based soil with all organic nutes. also in the garden i have a 1 ssh from mrnice, 1 double dutch from magus genetics, 3 f13 from dj short, and 4 jack herer from collective clone.