1 'new' Critical Haze Pack grown through


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so, been on the lamb laying low for awhile - stories . . .

anyhow, have a few new Critical Haze. early picks coming, but looking to move. have some potential options in Eugene, Las Vegas, and Denver either actually in the industry running a testing lab or back doing pharmaceutical work/organic synthesis some place where cannabis is legal.


Critical haze is a great plant with amazing vigor. I got ten females out of a pack cut four down due to intersex traits around week 3. No complaints I knew that some plants might throw a couple nanners indoors if you crowd the plants and the middle and lower branches aren’t getting enough light. I wish I didn’t have other strains in the room I would of loved to see those girls go the whole run. They are in week 3 of flower now. Still I am very please with how uniform this plant grows only noticed two phenos so far a shorter indica and then the beautiful sat dom. from what I have read it seems the lights have a lot to do with their herm trait outdoors no herms and it seems to lose that trait in clone would of loved to keep them they were gorgeous but couldn’t risk my others catching pollen. Definitely take your height into consideration I’m flipped them at 18in and some are five foot. Now and growing. Big respect to MNS solid strain regardless of a couple nanners.


(Although the Critical Haze has a covering of resin, for some reason it isn't sticky..go figure..)
the sticky resin does not have any correlation with the power... a typical feature of the old hasplant is the non-sticky resin... characteristic desired and ideal for sieving.
For example, I have just cultivated a Moroccan landrace hashplant and it has this characteristic, a completely dry resin, the tactile sensation is really completely different...