1 'new' Critical Haze Pack grown through

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Hi everybody...

I am just finishing a grow of Critical Haze.

I was given a pack and because I didn't have my usual cut, I chose to grow it through.

I've done this variety before, with MUCH success.

Last time I grew it, the smell was like lemony skunks were running free through my house. (I stole that phrase from another grow log but it seemed perfect for this strain..)

Anyway, I have called this thread 'new' Critical Haze because there is NO DOUBT in my mind that this is not the same strain that I grew those years ago.

Here is the grow:

1 whole packet. 7 females.
5 harvested so far.

All plants will finish within 8, maybe 8 1/2 weeks.

The buds are dense and have a good covering of resin glands.

The 3 biggest yielders will have about 30 (yes, THIRTY) ounces between them, the biggest probably has about 12 - 14 ounces on it.


Don't be.

This is the worst marijuana I think I have ever grown. It has NO SMELL at all. Completely characterless. No taste at all ( and none will come through with the cure as this weed is without flava.)

This is actually worse than the Early Skunk Haze and NOBODY wanted that.
There is no doubt that this is a MASSIVE KNOCK for me. I will struggle for months now because, in the end, this crap ain't going anywhere but the compost bin... the smokers round here are discerning - this isn't Oxford (they smoke anything there..just call it Cheese!)

I just can't understand why. WHY? The product wasn't broke so why change it - and for this shit?

Judging the the blandness of some MasterKaze I smoked recently (another old favourite of mine..) I would say that, on a hunch, the Afghan Haze mother has been changed.

Why would ANY breeder send this crap to market?

I'm afraid that I have lost all faith in this seed company. The Nev's Haze was awful, too...

I keep searching but I haven't had a really good plant from Shanti for years. They are all just so bland now...

As a good control, I grew some DNA plants along with Shanti's Criticla Haze (I started to have suspicions about Shanti's stuff a while back and lost confidence.. I no longer dedicate a whole garden to Mr Nice weed as it so after disappoints...Lucky me this time around, I would say...) and the DNA stuff smells MIND BLOWING and is so so sticky in comparison. (Although the Critical Haze has a covering of resin, for some reason it isn't sticky..go figure..)
The conditions, pots and mud are identical.


Plant them, if you like - but not based on my advise. The best stuff I grow these days is all from the States or DNA.

I'm not sure if Shanti's Hazes have lost their vigour or just dies and had to be replaced. Whatever it is, the Haze hybrids coming out of this stable are appalling, tasteless, characterless and don't get you high. I have had much more joy with the Central American sativas in the last few years and I am tired of wasting any more time.

I know I have been guilty of over-hyping sometimes and I'm sorry I did that.


Honestly, the last good plant I got from this place was a Mango Haze and that was YEARS AGO. I don't know why I kept coming back. It's no wonder Nevil left this company. He couldn't put his name to this crap.

Sorry Shanti - I am leaving you. You have let me down time and again. What have you done? Is somebody else breeding your plants for you?

I'm sure I will be banned just for giving my honest opinion (and I am just SO disappointed and gutted right now) but it makes no difference as I can't associate myself to these terrible strains anymore.

Goodbye. Grover has left the building.


No one will be banned for an honest respectful opinion.

I will add however I recently smoked some amazing Critical Haze grown from a fresh MNS seed packet, lovely tasty smoke, so not really sure what youre going on about or what mistakes you made. With all due respect, most often plants with no smell or bland tastes are a product of overfeeding/overwatering or improper dry or cure. I know you are a good grower so cant be sure on what went wrong.

Good luck in the future, say hi to Cola bro!

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Can't say I ever had an MNS plant with no smell or taste I've had a few I didn't care for but other people liked but the only haze here I have finished was Mango Haze a year maybe little more ago got a bunch of ASH in flower so who knows. I've always been at least satisfied with MNS lines although my first half of Nordle was nothing special just started the rest of the pack but the Shit was so good I ordered another pack Med Man and Critical Mass both had an amazingly tasty pheno.

But again I can't speak of the Haze's other then Mango Haze and I'm sure their is a reason it is the most expensive along with SSH.


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I just recently over the summer grew out 3 Critical Haze females and have no complaints really. One plant reeked and was very powerful smoke. Another was a fruity sweet flavor.

Right now Im growing some of the mango haze inbred have 2 plants that are just killer. Will be very hard to choose, one had this crazy grilled meat almost chocolate type smell very hard to describe. And it ended up having a citrus incense type smell , woodsy citrusy still kinda hard to describe but incredibly unique.

The other mango haze I have has a tangerine taste when inhaled and very citrusy fuel type smell to it right now. Ill try and post some pics up this week.

There are gems to be found for sure. you may have just had a run of bad luck, 7 plants is pretty small pool to select from if you are looking for something elite.


I just start to read your report of Critical Haze but one thing what you have been said stack in my eyes and do not let me to read your whole report.

I was given a pack and because I didn't have my usual cut, I chose to grow it through.
So , who give you a pack of Critical Haze i mean who is that good soul who give you 60€, picture in what it was packed or any other valid info about originality of these beans.


Cola Bro

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Hi Billy

Hi peeps

... I gave Grover the seeds, they were good.

The product is shit, I don't know what to say, MASSIVE yield of poor qual

I still have 2 pckts of CH


shit happens

Ive got six Angels comin through... I will give my honest on those when they finish.




HI Cola Bro, don't know how you can guarantee for seeds originality ?
I mean, with all respect, what you have with MNS ?

Blue pack have connection with MNS.

MNS seeds from auction can be original and authentic for buyer only.
This come because buyer won it at auction and cause address on the package what he got.

If that buyer give seeds to friend, thats ok , but that friend doesn't know for sure is that seeds orig or buyer replace it.
Even seeds what you got from retailers but which are repacked comes with unknown originality.

Again, no hard feelings but here is still unknown originality of seeds.
Of course there is brainless comments what protect something what aint attacked at all.
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... dude, I bought them from seedsman about three months ago for Grovers bday...

there is talk that it may have been high N in the soil...



Man what seedsman have with MNS, what you have with MNS ?
He not or you do not guarantee for MNS seeds quality but blue pack does.

We still didn't hear most important thing about this ..... :confused:



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Man what seedsman have with MNS, what you have with MNS ?
He not or you do not guarantee for MNS seeds quality but blue pack does.

We still didn't hear most important thing about this ..... :confused:

seedsman IS an official retailer and one of the very few listed as such when clicking "buy this strain" from the mns strain site itself

you need to drop it now



Giving report without pictures, and complain in same time, with no
more responding in the thread with no wish at all to find out why is
these plants from "given seeds" bad is pretty arrogantly, irresponsibly and
have no real value in reporting about Critical Haze.

So, retailed have nothing with MNS not or retailer guarantee for MNS gear.
Hence that MNS (but other companies too) have own pack to avoid
repacking and seeds replacing, also selling F2 in name of F1.

From this above, only unopened blue pack from MNS is guaranty to seeds in
it is original.Why reputation of MNS, or any other company, should depends of an retailer ? :rolleyes:

For any quality issue from original packs of MNS is responsible or his official dealer.
In that case official dealer is responsible only for seeds storage what can bring issue with germination rate, but never with quality of end product.
However this is not buyers problem but seed company owner and his trust in "official dealer" actually skills in seeds storage and more.

Its hilarious reading arguments like " I give that seed" or "its from
official dealer" or any other comment without logic and rational
argument in communication. :) but thank you for making my day ...

I believe that Shantibaba should reduce his genetics quality since some members can't see whole wood cause one three. blind


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The one thing logistically that doesn't add up is when cola bro says they were bought: Three months ago isn't possible if they were grown out already. :rolleyes: I'm just saying cola bro is exaggerating too emphasize legitimacy, but the claim isn't even possible. Calm down and things go better... ;)


Actually I bought two packs of Critical Haze at MNS auction
so in searching for grow report I found this thread.

Well all what I trying to find out(with evidence) is originality of seeds.
I asked at least 3 times from where and in what its packed, but answers are more than funny :D

So, my opinion about Critical Haze cant be changed without real proof, what "I say this or I say that" isn't for sure.

I didn't saw picture at MNS for long time but bunch of science fiction stories and full basket
of complains. Yea at icmag ppl post operations of 20 000W and plants of 5Kg each but here
you are scared to show failed plant of 30gram and fake or real MNS seed pack .... hehehhe yea of course :D


I dont know who of you remember, but old members should.
When this forum start there was MASSIVE HYSTERICAL COMPLAINS on MNS gear.

Yes guess what, Shantibaba replace all that seeds.
I believe it was not cause he believe to that was real deal about genetics fail, but cause he isn't poor soul to make problems for fistful of seeds.
They even got replaced packs cause complains on their electrical company, their fucking parrot eat his seeds or even cause they was lazy to watering plants.

Look, I had bad germination rate at Ak47 what was bought at VOODOO shop.
I give report to Serious seeds together with pictures, needed info, procedure & seed pack serial number.
You know what I got ?
Excuse cause seeds are too old (2 years after) and probably wrong stored in the fridge.
After I told them to that isn't case in here cause I have at least 2 000 seeds in packs and all are stored on same way in same fridge and that AK 47 wasn't alone in the box .... but I got big SORRY :D

This year I popped some seeds of my own crosses made in 2009 and guess what ... they all germed but one in 15.


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i bought my seeds by the gram . . . depends on how many you got how it was packed . . .

SO, finally had a chance to meet some CRITICAL HAZE females . . .

4 seeds started from the 1 gram lot purchased through the auction site.

4/4 female

of those:

1) this appears to be the most Indica (Critical Mass ?) leaning phenotype. the leaves are much more broad through the vegetative state. [Plant 4]

2) of the 3 left All appear to have long spindly leaves (compared to the above) - i'm calling these the 'afghan haze' leaning ones.

[plant 3]: this plant was producing leaves with 4 'fingers' at the third node

[plant 2]: this plant (and plant #1) were producing 5 'fingered' leaves by the third node - this plant smells of skunk, fairly strong

[plant 1]: this plant was the largest/fastest growing and REEKS of SKUNK.

plants #1 and #2 were immediately chosen above #3 and #4 for vigor and 'we love that skunk smell'

will know more soon as plant #3 may be the next one into the flower room . . . we can only have 4 plants at the spot at any time, so when the G13Widow finishes the Critical Haze will start next.


the G13Widow is o.k. - given a 10 week flower time from clone it produces a nice end product . . . all the character of the G13Widow (at least the one we use now) comes out in the last 2 weeks. we were glad to try it but neither the G13Widow nor the U2 (of the 4 plants tested) were strong enough for the 'old school' (northern lights - circa '89) guys and gals.

the critical haze seem more promising . . . pictures will be uploaded when the change over occurs in about 3 or 4 weeks . . .
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added some notes to my post above



i would also like to note that of the 8 or so critical haze plants tested so far: 2 have had a strong 'skunk' smell, and 1 has had a more mild 'skunk' smell . . . that trait seems highly accessible in this variety
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The one thing logistically that doesn't add up is when cola bro says they were bought: Three months ago isn't possible if they were grown out already. :rolleyes: I'm just saying cola bro is exaggerating too emphasize legitimacy, but the claim isn't even possible. Calm down and things go better... ;)

Thanks PlantManBee for clearing the bs out

edit: earlier today a close buddy who has grown many MNS strains told me if forced to pick and grow only 1 MNS strain it would be critical haze based on flavor, hardiness and potency.
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Ive got 3 different phenos of CH at end of weekl 6 and they all have great aroma.
one is lemony,another fuel like,and the 3rd a very stinky sweet skunk.
the skunk aroma keeps changing,at week 5 it smelled like cat piss but now its smelling sweet and skunky.
Ill try to post pics.I put 8 beans in and got 3 nice females.Im hoping the skunk pheno is the keeper but the opther two have more haze like aromas and structure.

Great strain.