Super Silver Haze

The perfect haze hybrid!

About this Strain

Nevil & Shantibaba
This is a very special strain and with some pheno hunting you can find an incense-smelling and tasting, big yielding and heavy hitting pheno and this all under 10 weeks if you grow her right.

It has this very complex haze smell that is so addictive once you have found it.
Whereever you light this up, heads start turning- make sure you bring enough!

You can find other interesting phenotypes; fast flowering onion/cheese smelling, to longer flowering tropical fruit aroma's and in between.

The high is very strong, powerful, complex and long lasting for the seasoned smoker.
Others describe it as overwhelming and too much to handle. Real rocketfuel!
I have smoked this for months on end and I just don't get tired of it. It keeps it potency and you don't get used to it like a lot of other strains.

This strain hasn't stolen its name either, silver shine of oily resins coat the buds.
She stacks calyxes like small peas and due to the lack of leaves in the buds it is so easy to trim.

The plant is very vigourous and fast growing. In bloom she can stretch 2-3x times her height easily and she is more of a moderate feeder.

Most growers would call her the Queen of cannabis, something every grower should have experienced in his/her life.


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