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Ortega was originally made a little different from Nevil when he was doing his Seedbank thing with Sensi. Shantibaba made a selection from NL#1 and NL#5, utilizing an old school set of seeds from the 1980’s.

About this Strain

Ortega was originally made a little different from Nevil when he was doing his Seedbank thing with Sensi. Shantibaba made a selection from NL#1 and NL#5, utilizing an old school set of seeds from the 1980’s. Ortega is a plant exhibiting a good Christmas tree structure. It is associated with strong and fruity, deep berry flavors. You can expect to harvest Ortega in as little as 6-8 weeks. Ortega is an excellent medicinal plant that presents with a good all-around effect. For many it acts as a night time medicine, being almost narcotic. Ortega works well for sleep disorders and muscular conditions. It is a must try.
The Naturals - Old school genetics
Family Breed
Basically full Afghan (NL#1 x NL#5)
Nevil and Shantibaba
Preferred Medium
Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse
Expected Yield
Due to its Afghan origins and the particular parent plants one would expect between 500-750 grams per square meter.
Flowering Period
Due to the predominance of Afghan origins this strain usually finishes outside in the N. Hemisphere between 10-20th of October but you can find some earlier. In the southern Hemisphere it should finish in March-April.
Difficult to say anything negative about this strain, and should be on the first try seeds from MNS camp.
Special Notes
Once you find a keeper in this strain it will act as a bread and butter strain for you and fellow users. It has the potential to be narcotic depending upon the time of day you use it.


Ortega Aka Northern lights

Was this magical sunny morning of early October In Bologna Italy at 1998 .
I had just bought few grams of 00 from Piazza Verdi out side Cafe Piccolo was the name at that time.
I walked few blocks away and I sat outside the Palazzo Bentivoglio and started preparing the my first joint of the day.

First I made the roach placed it my on top of right ear. Then I took out a smoking yellow hemp long rolling paper and placed it in my other ear :cool:.
It was so relaxing feeling the warmth of the morning sum in my face I was so happy.
I warmed up carefully the cigarette, wet with saliva the white line and break it open carefully and put lose the tobacco in my left hand.
The 00 was so soft like a paste I drop a big chunk on top of the tobacco and start mixing it carefully and spread a bit to fit to the paper.
Then I took the paper in my right hand that was free :D clap my hands and poor the mix in the paper add the roach and roll alla bandiera.

Sweet mellow taste with strong Nirvana high kicked in fast the time slowed down I was there again I was connected with the universal energy .
Suddenly a very young looking blond Rasta guy (I was 21 he was 18 ) come to break my bubble of silence 🙂

Hey he said this smells said so so good, Can I sit smoke with you asked me ?
I said you welcome and passed him the joint and both rewired with the universe .
After a long moment of silence we come back a start introducing to each other.
Suddenly pulls out from the front pocket of his washed Levis jeans jacket a small bag with an ounce of a weed, But what weed was that ????
Was glittering like diamond in the light of the sun and a smell that I couldn't describe at that moments.

"I said what the hell is that my man this is divine.
He said "This strain is called The Northern Lights, I bought it in Amsterdam from a coffee shop and I travel back with my mom and had it in the pocket of my jacket when crossing the security check 😂. 1312

(I dont know if he was fearless or brainless but he manage get his shit From AMS to BO with no problems.)

Go ahead he told me and give me bag roll one more and smiled with his red eyes.
I said "Yes I was ready to ask that and we started laughing like fools.
We where both so baked already but we had a new ticket to the moon we were ready for the new Ride !!!!!

The buds had this sponge feeling and where covered in crystals and the smell this smell..................ahh I will never forget.
I never meet this guy again I wonder what is he doing now days maybe if he hears me share a spliff again 😀 and talk about😎 the old school like this day.

Yesterday suddenly I got this Flash back when I vaped my new Ortega .
This was the exact taste this was the exact smell and triggered my memory and went back in time is milliseconds and I dream through the first experience I had with Northern Lights .

Ortega is smooth Is happy and relaxing .

Smells like old school smells Like Amsterdam to me.
Is kind of Fruity and a bit pungent and has this herbal creamy smell .


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