Refer a Friend & Earn Credit

For every friend that successfully completes their first purchase, you will get 1€ off your next order!

  1. The new member you refer must write your username in the comment section of their order, so we know who is receiving the credit.
  2. The new member must complete their payment before you are able to receive the credit.
  3. 1 new member = 1€, on their first order only! If you want to accumulate credit you’ll have to onboard as many people as possible.
  4. You will be notified when you hit the 10€, 25€ & 50€ mark. You can choose to use the credit or get a personal coupon to use at a later time.
  5. The person that gets the most people on board in the next 3 months will have the chance to win a T-shirt and an additional 10€ voucher.
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