Shipping Terms and Conditions

Fixed shipping fee

Every order has a fixed shipping fee of: € 13.50, –

An order is made when you have checked-out your basket and have chosen a method of payment.

Important! An order contains as many auctions and/or “buy now” items as you want! Your cart is here to help you gather together your order and facilitate your check-out.

Shipping options – Registered Vs. Standard Mail

Our default shipping option is registered mail! This means that all orders will be sent by registered, unless requested by you. If you would prefer your order being sent out by regular mail, please let us know by leaving a comment in the “customer note” section (which you find during check-out).

Important! Mail sent by standard post will be at one’s own risk. Mr. Nice does not have the authority to be responsible for packages getting lost during transition time. Mail sent be standard post cannot be replaced. Registered mail, on the other hand, can be tracked online!

Combining multiple orders

Important! Orders may be combined together and we give you exactly 2 months to check out any outstanding auctions. Thus, by combining orders and auctions wins, within the 2 month timeframe, you can avoid paying multiple shipping fees and only pay the shipping fee of 13.50€ once. We do this to reduce our carbon footprint as well as to bring down any extra unnecessary cost on your side.

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