Shipping T & C

Shipping options – Registered Vs. Standard Mail

Our default shipping option is registered mail! This means that all orders will be sent by registered unless requested by you. Therefore, if you do not want your order sent out by registered mail, please let us know by email that you would like ”STANDARD MAIL” instead. Don’t forget to mention your order number as well. This number will be given once you’ve completed check out (check out page).

Important! It should be noted that all mail sent by standard post will be at your own risk because Mr. Nice cannot be responsible for lost packages through postal services. Registered mail can be tracked online! Mail sent by standard post will not be replaced.


Tracking code

Once your payment has been processed and all checks out, your order will be sent out (default is registered) and the tracking code will be emailed to you.


Shipping costs
  • Shipping fee for European orders: € 13.50, –
  • Shipping fee for outside-Europe orders: € 35 –

It should be noted that orders may consist of MAXIMUM 12 auctions and/or buy now items you’d like, however, if the weight exceeds  100g, you will be notified and will need to pay an extra amount to cover the shipping cost. Therefore, we highly recommend you bundle multiple products into a single order through your cart, to keep the cost down.



We are not permitted to issue refunds. For any complaint of product or issue with the product either contact or (to find solutions to your complaint) or Shantibaba at (for problems regarding aspects of growing or general tips)


Unsuccessful Deliveries

We avoid sending twice to an unsuccessful address. If you provided an address where the postal services were not able to deliver your package, we won’t send it again to that address. You will need to provide us with another address and cover the shipment costs. We do this for security purposes on both your and our end.

We have different options based on your circumstances, so please contact us for a solution that fits your needs best.



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