Large Collection pk. (22 strains)

Shanti's summer stock clearance

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This Large collection pack contains 22 mns strains. 15 seeds per strain, the total is around 330 individual seeds…

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Contents of this pack (Large pack;  22 strains)

This Large collection pack contains the following 22 mns strains. 15 seeds per strain, the total is around 330 individual seeds…

Angel Breath, Angel Heart, Dreamtime, Critical Widow, Early Queen, Early Skunk Haze, Early Haze, G13 x Widow, Mango Haze Inbred, Mango Widow, Master Kaze, Neville’s Skunk, NL5 x Afghan, Nordle, Ortega, Skunk Haze, U2, The Cure, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Walkabout

Mr. Nice Collection Packs

Time has come to restock the MNS fridge and clear out the last remaining inventory of our seed stock before replacing it. At the same time, we felt it would be nice to offer a very exlcusive offering to mns fans. This offering would give customers the special chance to bid and win large portions of the Mr. Nice strain list, with the ability the win the full Mr. Nice strain list (41 strains) as well smaller sets. These collection packs range in sized and strain assortment. Ranging from;

  • The full set (42 strains)
  • Extra extra large ( 37 strains)
  • Extra large ( 32 strains)
  • Large ( 22 strains)
  • Medium ( 17 strains)
  • Small  (12 strains)

These Collection Packs are extremely exclusive and limited in number and they are only 14 available in total. So be sure to stay tuned, as just like the sun they cant last forever and will end on the 30th of November. So get your orders in before its too late!

IMPORTANT! Non-replaceable policy

It should be noted, that these packs are limited in number, so they are in fact one offs. This means, that if your order is lost during shipment / posting they will not be replaced by us! MNS will not replace any of these summer stock clearance packs. In other words, this entails is an ”own-risk policy”.

Registered Vs. Standard Mail

All products will be sent by registered mail (tracked), this means you will have to sign for the package to receive it. If you do not want to sign to receive the package, then please write us and mention your order number and that you want the “STANDARD MAIL OPTION” stead! All mail sent by “standard” post will be at your own risk because Mr. Nice cannot be responsible for lost packages through the post. Registered mail can be tracked online!

Shipping costs

All products include their own shipping class and shipping rates. In other words, yes you have to pay for shipping and the cost is depended on the type of product.