Holy Grail

Neville's Haze x Haze AC

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Contents of the packet:

a standard single pack contains 15 seeds…however, we also do add a couple of extras just in case. In addition, all of our seeds are regulars (non-feminized). Giving you a 50%/50% chance of either males or females. The aim of this is to ensure you have everything you need for all types of selection and infinite possibilities…

Holy Grail:

It took a lot of research to prepare this and test the final selections, especially as they take 12 -14 weeks to flower. The results came good: the selected NH x AC mother performed well and contained the tribal
aromas from generations past. The combination of this with the Haze C male and doubling (even tripling) up on the Haze C, has given this progeny seed the feeling that the Holy Grail really does exist.
Patience is a virtue and one you will need when it comes to this strain. It possesses wonderfully flavored buds to fill your cellar and you’ll need a minimum of 3 to 6 months to cure this flower, but the wait and tending care will have been worth it; much the same as how a master vintner brings a fine Barolo wine from a DOC rating to one of DOCG status as a result of his expertise and patience; it may always represent a risky and nervous time but when it works every last bottle, or in this case, bud oozes uncompromising pleasure for the honored person lucky enough to experience it.
The Holy Grail has yet to be found and it is different for everyone, but it exists and you’ll realize it yourself when you find it. So, with the right level of perception and dedication, experience, and awareness, the adventuring cultivator/breeder has the chance to one day find their very own Holy Grail of Cannabis.
The expected yield on an average 14-week flowering plant is between 750 and 850 grams m2. Curing of this
flower is advised as it increases the flavor and effects once the chlorophyll naturally breaks down over a 6 week to 3 month period. There may be some longer flowering plants that are not really practical for an indoor garden but it will be rewarding to have this in your stash of stashes.

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