Bronze pack!

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It’s your choice! It’s completely up to you!

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Bronze pack! (15 seeds)

This pack is totally up to you! You may choose 1 strains (1 pack) out of the following Mr. Nice Strains:

  1. ASH (Afghan Skunk x Afghan Haze): €57,00
  2. Critical Skunk: €57,00
  3. Devil: €57,00
  4. Dreamtime: €35,00
  5. Early Queen: €45,00
  6. Early Skunk: €57,00
  7. G13 Skunk: €57,00
  8. Master Kush Skunk: €57,00
  9. NORDLE: €57,00
  10. NL5 Afghan: €57,00
  11. NL5 Skunk: €57,00
  12. Shark Shock: €57,00
  13. Shit: €35,00
  14. Spice: €57,00
  15. Walkabout: €23,00
  16. Pink Floyd: €50,00

This pack only includes the above-mentioned strains, all other strains are not included in this pack. But, don’t forget to let us know of your choice by emailing us, when you make your order! As a reference: always include you username and order number.
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