Have you bought from seed companies that had disappointing results? Are you a frustrated grower that can’t seem to find good genetics for your upcoming season? Or are you a cannabis connoisseur that has heard of our 25+ years in the canna-business, and knows that some of the strains Shantibaba has come up with have been the backbone for the new generations of cannabis genetics?
If any of these speak to you even remotely, you find yourself in the right place, my friend! We are an online auction site that deals primarily with Mr. Nice genetics! One of the most notorious seedbanks since the legalization in The Netherlands.

At Mr. Nice Auctions you can ensure your purchases are as rewarding and economic as that first grow of yours was when you were just “giving it a go”. As you explore the site you will see that we have everything you need to make your shopping experience as rewarding and remunerating as possible… So, sit back, relax, and make sure your hand is ready to start navigating. Not only will you find some treasures here, but also the unreleased seeds Mr. Nice Seedbank has produced over nearly three decades of working in the cannabis industry.

Let us take you on this journey and we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!