How Can I Win an Auction?

As the Auctions are always is on a timer, which takes approximately 3-4 days to complete its cycle. Therefore, it highly important to take into account when a specific auction will end (time and date). It’s a bit like cherry picking in football! The way to win is to be online and active right when the auction is about to end! This will ensure, that you are indeed the highest bidder.

A little hint: there is now a service for members who are in various time zones, which are much too late or too early, making it inconvenient to be online and active right when the auction is about to end! Thus, if you wish to have a specific strain uploaded at a preferred ending time and date, please contact and let us know the date, time and timezone that works best for you! for example; Critical mass, 15/01/2016, 21:00 pm, GMT + 7.

If this is done, your wish can be granted, meaning we can upload your chosen strain to end on your chosen date and time. We are doing this because we have heard from many members that they have to sit up all night, and set their alarm clocks at very inconvenient times to get the best deals! However please keep in mind that some patience is needed as we sometimes we can have too many requests.

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