How to add to cart & check out

Please follow the step by step instructions below so things can be processed efficiently for both parties

No more auction templates!

Everything you need to complete your order is all ready for you right here, through a 3 step: cart – checkout – order, process. How this works is: once you have won an auction and/or want to buy a product, click the ”pay now” or ”buy now” button and this item will be automatically uploaded into your cart. It should be noted, that in order for us to successfully process your order/payment, it is mandatory that you add your chosen products to your cart and check them out. Your cart is there to help you do this: by allowing you to gather together your order(s) and facilitate you to check them out and successfully place your order. An order may consists of as many auctions and/or buy now items as you want.

To check out your auctions and place your order, there 2 ways to do this:

1) Auction wins  – after bidding and winning an auction, it will be automatically uploaded to ”your auctions” page. This is where the auctions you have won will be stored and once your ready you can add them to your cart. To do this, just go to “my auctions” and hit “pay now” it will put the auction into your cart. If you want to check multiple auctions that you have won, simply go back to ”my auctions” again to put another item in your cart (hit ”pay now”). You will have to individually add each individual auction to your cart!

2) Auctions History – If you go to ”auctions history”, you will see a list showing the history of the auctions you have won and participated. To check out an auction, simple go to the page of the specific auctions(s) by clicking on the name. Once your on the page, hit “pay now”, whereby it will put the auction into your cart. You have to individually add each individual auction to your cart!

Buy Nows

After purchasing on our strains (buy nows) and clicking add to cart, it will automatically loaded into your cart. From your cart, you can combined auctions and buy now items together into one order (it should be noted that an order may consists of as many auctions and/or buy now items as you want).

My cart

Here, you can gather together your order together (an order may consists of as many auctions and/or buy now items as you want). From your cart you can then check out by clicking the ”proceed to checkout” button.

Checkout pg#1

After clicking on the ”proceed to checkout” button. Next, you have to fill in your billing/shipping details and choose your payment method in the 1st check out page.

Place the order

At the bottom of the1st check out page, read and accept the terms & conditions and click on the ”place order” button. After, placing your order, follow the payment instructions clearly given on the next page.

Checkout pg#2 (final)

Follow the details and payment instructions given on the final check out page so things can be processed efficiently for both parties!

Order status

After placing your order, you will receive an email and it will be automatically be uploaded into ”your orders” page in ”your account”. From your order page, you will be able to clearly see the status of your order (i.e pending payment, processing, sent / completed) etc..

6 thoughts on “How to add to cart & check out

    1. Only separately though Western Union. On their website they have a Credit Card payment option.

      To pay visit to send your money online (WU credit card)! Please note the country is The Netherlands (Holland). Please follow the given bank details so things can be processed efficiently for both parties! The bank details you will need to put in on the WU site when making your payment.

      Bank Address:
      1000 BV AMSTERDAM

      Account Name: Mr Nice Auctions
      IBAN Number: NL48INGB0007964796
      Account Nr: 7964796

      IMPORTANT: When you make your bank transfer, don’t forget to mention your order number and/or name as a reference! Without reference, your order will not be handled or shipped and will cause delay in processing…

        1. if not possible to enter a order number. simply email us a screen shot of the reciept / confirmation. We can then trace the payment.

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