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  1. have made payment for 2.5grams of the cure when i clicked on my orders it shows that ive done it twice and it has gave me two order numbers i just wanted to clarify this error just to makesure theres no misunderstanding, and it is definitely only one order of 2.5grams i have payed for. sorry about this i probably clicked back or something as i am rubbish with computers and ordering stuff.


        1. There is a list of spring cleaning material that will be listed on the auctions throughout the next weeks. Some SSH Inbred as well, but don’t tell too many people;)

          Have a nice day,

  2. Hi

    Looking for the old school skunk. Not worried about air scrubbers or filters so let the pungent skunk grow! Ive been told shantibaba is the last honest breeder out there so moving towards mr nice by auction and looking for a true skunk recommendation. Thank you very much for your time and help in this matter. Have a beautiful day and keep smiling:)

  3. Buongiorno, quando premo su “place order” non mi rimanda sul sito paypal, da errore.
    Ho preso nota dell’account per fare il pagamento ma non ho un numero d’ordine.
    Come posso fare?
    Cordiali saluti

    1. Buongiorno Claudio,
      in quel caso basta mandare un email del fatto a helpdesk e sarai contattato con la tua ricevuta dell’ordine:)

      Buona giornata,

  4. Hi I got a message saying Critical Mass has been removed from your cart because it can no longer be purchased. Please contact us if you need assistance. is this correct and if so do you have any old seeds of cm from you spring clean out.

    1. Hello Brett,
      it isn’t the usual way of functioning. We do have CM spring cleaning on the way to the auctions. I will contact you separately in order to better help your case.

      All the best,

    1. Hello Ed,
      we’ve noticed that after an update we had yesterday, some customers haven’t been able to bid. I have forwarded the issue to our technical support manager and I will personally reach out to all the people that have contacted me with this problem to update you as soon as I, myself, am updated.

      We are sorry for the momentary inconvenience and in the meantime wish you a great day,

  5. Hello, I see that my order is being processed is it possible to group several auction orders to pay shipping only once?
    I’ ve also accidently won an auction on a 2nd pack of g13 haze that i already had won. Not sure how to go about it.
    Ty for your reply

    1. Hello T,
      Unfortunately, your order was sent out this morning… But for future orders, yes it is possible to group orders that don’t exceed 100g and have them sent together. For the G13 Hz, was it part of a spring cleaning offering or simple auction, if it is the ladder you can delete it from your cart if you don’t wish to purchase it.

      All the best,

  6. Hi, I won a few auctions and ordered a couple CBD strains, Therapy,OG Kush. Please change the CBD strain in my cart from (CBD Therapy) to (CBD Gandhi) instead. CBD Gandhi
    CBD OG Kush


    1. Hello,
      unfortunately, I cannot make any changes to your cart as that is in your account and I do not have access to that. However, if you make an order I will then be able to change the items in your order, so I can make the swap between Gandhi and Therapy if you have them both or have spent the same amount on CBD Therapy to cover CBD Gandhi costs.

      For more questions, information, or help, please contact helpdesk@mrnice.nl

      Have a lovely day,

  7. Hello Sara

    I am having problems getting my payment confirmed for order #16003 and order #16103 my wife has sent a few emails attempting to clear this matter up with digital pics of the money wire transfers. I have contacted helpdesk@mrnice.nl and some emails have been answered and the most recent emails have not been answered for 7 days (email was sent Nov 17th)

    1. Hello LK-StinkMaster,
      I apologize for the delay in answering I was in NL figuring out how to fix our PayPal issue. I have answered your email now, but again I sincerly apologize for making you and your wife wait.

  8. Bonjour je viens d’envoyer un virement de 125.5 euros pour ma commande numéro : 17079 , mais le virement ne permet pas de glisser le numéro de commande alors ça m’inquiète comment vous allez deviner que c’est moi qui ai payé ?

    1. Hello Profym,
      This sometimes happens and the way we approach is by sending an email providing some detail about your transaction, and/or providing a screenshot of the transaction to facilitate locating the funds of the right user.
      Let me know if I can further assist.

      Happy New Year,

  9. Bonjour, voila je vous avez deja commandé des graines elles ont bien germé mais une foi dans mon système aero basse pression sans substrat avec des cycles d’arrosage différents elles ne grandissent que très peu deviennent claire et jaune .
    Mon ph est a 5.5 / 5.8 et mon ec a 0.5/ 0.6 aucun engrais que de l’eau du robinet ajustée , température max 24° .
    Avez vous des conseils svp parce’que j’ai gaspillé toutes mes graines ?

  10. Hi Scott… not here to bother you just trying to get information so I don’t FUCK UP! is your Ghandi strain 0.005% or lower? My state allows only 0.003% Thanks. I’ve been a member of your site for 20 years and want to continue doing business with you are you not interested? Please help me so I don’t fail stares requirements. How hard is that? RAW resin is my dream company. Looking for your newest creation or just sell me your company and I’ll take over . Thanks

  11. Hi! It’s a shame, but sometimes the bid button doesn’t work, I was waiting until the last moment and then after clicking instead of bidding, it appeared like buy now …

    I wasted my time and La Niña.

    Love the web (auctions, forums, etc.), but it’s bitter to wait 2 days and get nothing after all bc a bug.


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