Combining multiple orders!

Important! Orders may be combined together and we give you exactly 2 months to check out any outstanding auctions (just as the old site). Thus, through combining orders and auctions within the 2 month timeframe (if you indeed to win multiple auctions) you can avoid paying multiple shipping costs of 13.50 and you will only have to pay the shipping fee of 13.50 once. We do this to avoid shipping waste as well as to bring down any extra unnecessary cost on your side.

5 thoughts on “Combining multiple orders!

    1. What is meant by ”combining multiple orders” is that if you have already check out an order (first order) and then decide you still want to bid on a few more auctions, you will have two check out again (second order). If requested by you I can send out the 2 orders in one shipment (if both are paid for course). i.e combine them into one shipment…Thus, you dont need to combine them yourself and there is also no option for you to do this. The action is only perform by us for customers who have checked out multiple orders and want to pay for them in one go and thus recieved at the same time. Hope I have informed you sufficiently. Thanks, J

  1. Is there any way to have the auctions you’ve combined and have confirmed payment on made into a separate category? This would distinguish auctions won that still require payment from auctions already paid for.


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