New Mr Nice Shop online…

Hi All, After a lot of hard work getting quality hemp and recreational genetics licensed to grow, obtaining permits for growing, installing our own extraction facilities, processing all our own biomass to make our own quality full spectrum extractions and formulating recipes for our wellness finished products we are finally ready with our own shop […]

Combining multiple orders!

Important! Orders may be combined together and we give you exactly 2 months to check out any outstanding auctions (just as the old site). Thus, through combining orders and auctions within the 2 month timeframe (if you indeed to win multiple auctions) you can avoid paying multiple shipping costs of 13.50 and you will only […]

How to add to cart & check out

Please follow the step by step instructions below so things can be processed efficiently for both parties No more auction templates! Everything you need to complete your order is all ready for you right here, through a 3 step: cart – checkout – order, process. How this works is: once you have won an auction and/or […]

How the auctions work!

If you have already had some experiencing bidding here on the Mr. Nice Auctions, the principal is still the same. We are an online auction site, where to can bid on everything Mr. Nice!  Timer As the Auctions are always is on a timer, which takes approximately 3-4 days to complete its cycle. Therefore, it highly important […]