MR. NICE SEEDBANK specializes in the trade of medical cannabis seed, exempted from regulation under the 1961 u.n. Single Convention on narcotic drugs and affiliated international treaties.

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This site integrates both an online auction site as well as online shop (Buy Now). Customers have the ability to either bid or buy their favorite Mr. Nice SeedBank strains, as well as other limited edition seeds and exclusive merchandise on our linked shops. We highly value your time, so our aim is to ensure you have everything you need to make your shopping experience as rewarding and economical as possible, including always having the option to bid on or buy your favorite MNS strains and products

We base our conversion rates on, so if you are paying in a currency other than Euros, we recommend you use‘s current exchange rate.

Insufficient payments will not be handled or shipped and will only cause further delays

It should be noted that the auctions are designed and mainly targeted to end in the following 2 time zones:

  • GMT+1 (Europe)
  • GMT+8 (Americas)

In order to facilitate the bidding process, we have set the auctions to automatically end on the following days and times:

  • Mondays – Thursdays (8:00 pm – 12:00 am)
  • Fridays – Sundays (8:00 pm – 01:00 am)

The schedule’s purpose is to help people around the world get an equal opportunity of winning auctions.

For exchange rates please visit 

We accept the following payment methods, these are all interchangeable so you can change your mind after you’ve already checked-out and gotten your order number. 

More information on Payment Methods & Instructions

Our default shipping option is registered mail! This means that all orders will be sent by registered unless requested by you. Therefore, if you do not want your order sent out by registered mail, please let us know by email that you would like ”STANDARD MAIL” instead. Don’t forget to mention your order number as well. This number will be given once you’ve completed check out (check out page).

Important! It should be noted that all mail sent by standard post will be at your own risk because Mr. Nice cannot be responsible for lost packages through postal services. Registered mail can be tracked online! Mail sent by standard post will not be replaced.


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