I’m reading through so many great threads. I’m going to message so many of you that I have learned from soon as I get a chance. My plants are huge it’s hot and dry and things feel out of control at this point.
I started out ph-ing water and carefully pruning. Now I’m hosing things down and pruning with large shears.
I spent all winter making a literal couple tons on organic compost. Looks like that worked.

Anyway, I want to know if it is possible to get some Washington heights “Piff” seeds?
What do we know about this story?


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The problem with the Piff hunt is that the NY haze you and I are both looking for was a particular pheno of a haze strain. Some say it could have been a NL5x haze pheno. I have heard some same uptown brow bx by top dawg has these phenos.