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    hey bro what has become of my ole bud Jesse I ponder the last few years,?
    You realize you have quite a good reputation online for writing truths about our marijuana origons and where there from, what breeder created what strain and so on, - this hasn't happened since the big book of buds series was written over ten years ago atleast,

    A true blue history of marijuana since, and the males , land races etc, plus a chapter story line on my own journey to, il finance things and works costs out from there, free flight trips to, - make a great job my friend think it over and GET BACK TO mE Please.... bam
    I hope you are still around, we got off to a rough start but I have come to appreciate your presence. I hope all is well with you! peace
    love the budha pic mate, Its the only real religion I try to follow by example in life, Finally sorted out some where new to get seed testers from this year from sd/bay now, everyones abit slow right now with legal network issues going on for some, seed depot fourm etc is gone now, just as I was looking into them they were gone a week later, lol true that though,
    skunks are in the air my friend, and there about to get a upgrade in pongy'ness if I get my way, as we do jesse, as we do..

    later bro' - B.
    hi young fella " - things are looking all roses on the bottom of the world,''
    never guess what ive found this test run,,, well if you guessed rks stinky plant smells your onto me yes,, ha'' - grew out 5 test seeds of very old super skunk used in a hybrid I made 2years ago, these smells are very Vile bad sweet skunk smell just like the true skunk/1 plants around in the 1990's, a very sticky sativa phenotype I never found in clone form previously, a nice wee surprise indeed, now the obsession beguins all over again. grins"
    Hi Jesse. I'm sure that I'm probably gonna regret looking like such a kook but if you don't ask you never learn. I keep seeing this icon at the bottom right of my screen showing who's online but I never see myself. Is that because it's redundant info, or is there a spot on my settings that will let people know I'm available for a chat? Thanks man, sorry to be so technically handicapped....
    I heard back that payment arrived but not the order form yet. I can pm someone the details, rather than that use an e-mail account that I had problems with. Let me know if it isn't there by the end of tomorrow or last business day of the week, and I will pm someone the details. thanks!
    Hello sorry to bother you on an auction matter but don't know who else I can contact who will answer me! I sent my payment without the order form or any other contact info. The next day I realized my error and sent the order form (without paying double of course). Being that this could arrive to MNS any day now, I think it was important they know this so they know I am not just making donations or something! ;) :D
    I have had no response from simone here or by e-mail, but that e-mail addy has had problems (accused me of sending spam!) so it could be that. Could you please contact someone who deals with the auctions on my behalf? thanks man! (or if Jesse is Jessica forgive me for calling you "man"!)
    thanks man! I usually like to make my orders an even interval of 10. In other words, $50 or $60 or so on. Right now, I owe $1.14 or something similar over such an amount. Say I owe $61.14 (just for example), how much do I send? thanks!
    I am hoping you can answer the timeline thing. It is critical to get an answer now, as I have 1 low priced item to pay for. If it is still one month, the deadline is fast approaching and will not make it there in time. (and I would need more time) As you can see in the auction FAQ page, someone who I thought had inside info said it was 2 months to pay instead of 1. If you can clear this up, I would greatly appreciate it! thanks
    Hey sorry man i just thought they were really nice flowerS!
    And i wanted to share them on the led thread cos they grown by a breeder not a light manufacturer, so its of high relevance to a somewhat lacklustre thread. But i dont really care ay... Forgetaboutit
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