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  • Hi friend. That tall plant at the back is Kangativa's Mullumbimby Madness x SKHz.... old Oz Thai line x old Californian hybrids...
    hey Gert

    howsit going mate? long time no see

    hope your doing well with you
    Heya Gert

    I just found out we can now send visitor msgs , cool lol!

    as for posting threads on crosses ,well shanti posted that it non mns strains/grows are also welcome , I m sure any of your crosses , will be a pleasure for us to watch so feel free to share , since you're a sativa freak yourself , well you know you're in the right place ! lol
    Hi Jesse,

    Dunno how much I'll be posting, simply 'cause I'm not really growing any MNS strains, but this is a great site anyway, and I like to hang around with leet, herbaliser and a few others, some of who are friends in the real world, too.

    I've had some NH and MH pollen in the past, and I hold a cut off leet's NH, though, so who knows? Do you know what the board position is on crosses? Is there a section for them?
    Yo Gert, I saw your posts in the 'quick sativa' thread @ IC, and the LaNina started calling from the fridge!! I'll be cracking a few within ~60 days!!!
    Hey Gert,
    Its always nice to see new members arrive at the forum, looking forward to seeing you post more around the site. Take care.

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