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  • Yooo Ale! Wassup homie? Hope all is well with you and yours. I can't complain buddy, could do with some cash in my pocket, but couldn't we all at the moment. Yeah I checked to see if you had been on recently, I'm sure it said you haven't, but from the sounds of it you have lol. Yeah I had a little look around a few weeks back, to be honest I stumbled on the same shit fest sort of stuff. I have been neglecting MNS for a while aint I. I'll try and stop by more often. I've been busy looking into what this plant can actually do medicinal-wise, jeez, its bloody amazing! Anyway, good to speak to you again, and I'll speak to you soon bro. Peace.
    Hi Ale,sorry for being slow to get back to ya.Its great to see you about again.Ive been nice n busy in the garden(indoors) and things are coming along nicely.
    Trusting that you and yours are safe and well.And yeah,I miss Red too.Peace Bro.AB
    lol i have been filling up my seed jar lately with new genetics....nl5/haze,la nina, BCO trainwreck and some sannies jack and blueberry sativa via sannie
    Yooo Ale, I'm back for a bit on this ID. I can't figure this TOR business out for shit. I need to get my IT literate friend around to sort it out.

    How's life bud?
    Hey ale...it's goin'...puffin' on some DJS Blueberry...so it can't be all bad...hope all is well with you...let's hear some more of your music...;)
    Hello to you , answering your message ,:
    I am pretty oki ,
    how are you ? where are you from ?
    hugs from the forest ,

    Hi guys and gals!

    I'm deleting my account for now. As soon as my internet security is up to scratch I'll be back in a flash, hopefully in a couple of months or so. Nothing is wrong, I haven't been threatened or anything like that, I'm just taking precautions, in this world of ours it's probably for the best.

    Until then, take care and be safe.

    Love you all.

    Hi alegoblin, thanks for dropping in, hope all is well in your world...and you're smoking some sweet collie...
    hello Ale,

    all is well sir!. hope you had a good christmas and new year.

    thanks for popp'n in!.
    G`day Ale
    Thanks for the kind wishes on my page re the new year ,same to you and yours bro .
    Safe travells
    Elmer Bud .
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